F.O.S. - Emission measurement in clean gas

Emission measurement in clean gas

Do not experience a “nasty surprise” during the legal measurement by the Environmental Agency!

Time-consuming and cost-intensive requirements, such as plant shutdowns, can be avoided, especially as part of our maintenance. With our computer-controlled measuring instrument we can determine the following values for you:

  • Dust content (mg/m³)
  • Moisture (%)
  • Exhaust gas temperature (°C)
  • Flow speed  (m/s)


  • Our service technicians take dust samples from the system
  • Taking into account the exhaust gas edge parameters, we carry out an isokinetic sampling  by extracting  a partial gas flow from the exhaust gas duct. This is extracted via a filter in which the contained dust is separated.
  • The evaluation takes place in our own F.O.S. laboratory
  • After a professional evaluation of the samples in F.O.S.’ own laboratory, you will receive a report containing suggestions for solutions and optimisation.


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