F.O.S. - Final care

Disposal of filter media

As a certified waste management specialist and a committed and future-oriented environmental technology company, the F.O.S. Group is concerned with two central challenges of our time:

Climate and environmental protection as well as conservation of resources

Natural sources of raw materials cannot be used indefinitely – recycled raw materials, on the other hand, can. For this reason we comply with the German laws on Waste Management.

 “Recycling rather than any other utilisation”

We offer you regenerated filter materials made of PI, PPS or PTFE. These materials are processed for you in specially constructed waste treatment plants that have been officially approved in accordance with German regulations so that they can be reintroduced into the economic cycle.

Everything from a single source!

We dismantle defective filter elements from your plant and dispose of them in a professional and environmentally friendly manner. As a certified company according to ISO 14001, we take care of the transport and storage of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We take over the logistics for you and prepare the necessary electronic verification management.


F.O.S. Service GmbH
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Your benefits

  • You contribute to protect the environment and the climate by avoiding the CO2 generated during thermal recycling
  • You save valuable resources
  • You cut costs by using extremely cost-effective regenerated filter materials
  • You use high quality materials. Thanks to our extensive analysis procedures in our laboratories we ensure that the test values of our regenerated filter materials correspond to those of new filter materials.