F.O.S. - Repair and Optimization

Our scope of services for filter systems

Thanks to our many years of experience in dedusting technology, we can help you to sustainably reduce your operating costs and increase the productivity and reliability of your filter system.

Some of our services at a glance:

All kinds of repair work

  • Replacement of supporting plates and sealing works
  • Elimination of fire damages
  • Replacement of inspection doors and seals
  • Exchange of wearing parts

Spare parts for all filter brands

  • Valves, membranes and pneumatic springs
  • Supporting plates
  • Rotary valves
  • Shut-off valves
  • Compensators

System extension

  • Installation of new housings
  • Modification of the location
  • Retrofitting of filter systems with police filters
  • Return of the air to the working area
  • Filter surface determination and optimisation as well as filter enlargement
  • Modification of filter bag and filter cartridges systems
  • Replacement/installation of new fans
  • Modification/optimisation of dust elimination systems

Optimisation or retrofitting of filter cleaning systems

  • Conversion from purge air to pulse jet cleaning
  • Conversion from reverse-air to pulse-cleaning baghouse filters
  • Enhancement of the pressure pulse by installing larger cleaning valves and lances
  • Replacement of corroded compressed air tanks by aluminium tanks
  • Installation of compressed air and differential pressure monitoring systems

Emission control

  • Installation of housings for fans in case of acoustic problems
  • Installation of duct silencers and silencing baffles
  • Installation of residual dust monitoring systems



  • Extension and improvement of piping systems for an optimised air and conveying speed
  • Conversion/optimisation of detection elements

Supply air systems

  • Installation of hall ventilation systems
  • Fresh air supply for workplaces, e.g. at metal welding fume extraction systems
  • Heat recovery in heated production halls

Please contact us, our engineers will be pleased to support you.


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