F.O.S. - Maintenance, inspection and servicing

Maintenance, inspection and servicing for  maximum system availability

Our experienced service technicians check and inspect all types of filter systems at regular intervals or in the event of malfunctions. We carry out necessary maintenance work directly and thus ensure your plant availability at the highest level. The service life of your system technology is extended and you contribute to maintaining the value of your filter system.

  • State analysis
  • Analysis of operations and weak points
  • Repair works
  • Documentation in the inspection book as proof for authorities and your insurances
  • Issue of inspection stickers
  • Creation of maintenance protocols for you directly on site

We will be pleased to support you and to help you to meet the legal requirements as well as to act in an environmentally friendly manner!


F.O.S. Service GmbH
Am Vatheuershof 17–19
D-59229 Ahlen
Fon: +49 23 82-90 99-0
Fax: +49 23 82-90 99-99